Fulfillment by 4PX (FB4) is a warehouse outsourcing service that integrates procurement management, warehousing management, order management, inventory management, logistics and distribution management for sellers using an advanced WMS system. E-commerce sellers only need to deposit their goods in 4PX's warehouses around the world, and 4PX will complete all logistics operations such as inbound quality inspection, goods shelving, inventory management, order receiving, order picking, order review, and multi-channel shipping. It is easy for e-commerce sellers to realize one-stop logistics and warehousing services.

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Commodity restrictions


Goods type: general goods


Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic

Americas: West America, East America, Canada

Asia: Australia, Japan

Service Content

In-warehouse operations: storage management, sorting, and dispatching

Delivery: local delivery


leading time:24 hours

Delivery:1-7 working days


Insurance: Insurance services

Value-added services: labelling and packing


In-warehouse: available

Delivery:depends on the service provider

Sydney warehouse address: G2/391 Park Rd, Regents Park, NSW 2143

Melbourne warehouse address: 414 Lower Dandenong Road, Braeside, VIC 3195